Sunday, September 26, 2010

Successful Day

After Jessica and I folded and hung out washing this morning, the girls watched tv while I worked and then we all had morning tea with grumps. Jessica helped with the washing to earn another dollar so that they both had $5.00 to spend at the $2 shop. After the $2 shop we bought leggings, hairbrushes and shoes! Then we had lunch at Oggies, did some grocery shopping and came home. I dozed while they played with their new toys then I made chocolate chip biscuits (no-one was interested in helping) and we played catan while we had afternoon tea. They played with Ergo and now they are playing tennis on the wii!
 I cut Jessica's hair yesterday before they washed their hair in the bath...

1 comment:

  1. what a lovely day! I love your new haircut Jessica and you both look cool in your new shoes. what did you get at the $2 shop? Yay Nana for doing all the shopping chores. And well done Jessica helping Nana. I'm very excited that you are going to learn how to tie your shoe laces too Aimee =). That is very cool.

    I'd better go and feed the cats now - we just got home and they are hungry.

    Love Mum

    PS - Daddy says he loves you both =)