Monday, September 27, 2010

shoes and things

Jessie says: We bought some hairbrushes with mirrors on the back. And yesterday we got some toys and I got baby jungle in my pocket. For Mum & Dad - I LOVE YOU YOU ROCK!

Aimee says: Yesterday we bought new shoes with shoelaces and some pink tights
For Mum & Dad - I LOVE YOU YOU ROCK!

PS: Grumps posted pictures of the girls on his blog yesterday.


  1. Wow those shoes look so cool! I bought some shoes today too. WE can show each other our new shoes when you get home. The tights look good too - are they hanging up to dry in the picture? I wonder whose hair brush is whose? I think the green one is Jessica's and the pink one is Aimees. Am I right? Hope you are having lots of fun, see you in just another couple of days

    lots of love

  2. you're wrong about the hairbrushes, they both claimed the pink one and aimee generously said that jessica could have it and she would have the green one.

  3. ohh that's so sweet of Aimee. Very nice thing for you to do for your sister Aimee. I'm proud of you. You ROCK! - Dad