Wednesday, September 29, 2010

too busy to blog

We've been much too busy to blog the last couple of days so I'll just catch you up quickly on our activities. Yesterday the girls played on the wii while I worked in the office (finishing up the work I started at 4.30 am). We were out at the octopus park by 10.15 with a packed morning tea. At 12.00 we decided to go and run the errands in town which included buying ham and white bread for sandwiches just like Aimee had at the cafe the day before. After lunch it was more on the wii, then the girls played on their own while I tidied up and cooked. We had another game of catan while we had a big afternoon tea then grumps took the girls to dinner at a chinese restaurant while I visited the doctor to have a few suspect skin lesions excised. A late bedtime for the girls but they were very good.

This morning the girls were very busy, tidying up their rooms for the cleaner, taking down yesterday's washing, folding it and hanging up today's batch (part of a money earning enterprise) and then they had a special job, watering the seed trials in the 80 petri dishes for grumps - exactly 10 drops of nutrient solution in each! After that we didn't have time for any tv or wii, it was straight out for the day's activity, the memorial tower. Aimee climbed up to the top twice and half way up once, Jess got to the top  twice and nana only once. Then it was McDonalds for lunch (I took sushi), a long play at mcd's playground and then to video ezy for three disney cartoon movies. Home to watch one, a play outside with the pup and some bubbles, a long bath and half of another movie before dinner. Friends came this evening to play catan so the girls were a little late to bed again but not much as they stayed up to meet our friends. Off to bed like lovely little lambs and now fast asleep.

Tomorrow the girls will do the washing again and then they will both have earned another $5.00 each for the $2.00 shop. We will visit there on the way to Judith's for lunch. We will make sushi for lunch and then decorate gingerbread men. I will take paper and the laminating machine so that we can weave and laminate table mats.

Monday, September 27, 2010

shoes and things

Jessie says: We bought some hairbrushes with mirrors on the back. And yesterday we got some toys and I got baby jungle in my pocket. For Mum & Dad - I LOVE YOU YOU ROCK!

Aimee says: Yesterday we bought new shoes with shoelaces and some pink tights
For Mum & Dad - I LOVE YOU YOU ROCK!

PS: Grumps posted pictures of the girls on his blog yesterday.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Successful Day

After Jessica and I folded and hung out washing this morning, the girls watched tv while I worked and then we all had morning tea with grumps. Jessica helped with the washing to earn another dollar so that they both had $5.00 to spend at the $2 shop. After the $2 shop we bought leggings, hairbrushes and shoes! Then we had lunch at Oggies, did some grocery shopping and came home. I dozed while they played with their new toys then I made chocolate chip biscuits (no-one was interested in helping) and we played catan while we had afternoon tea. They played with Ergo and now they are playing tennis on the wii!
 I cut Jessica's hair yesterday before they washed their hair in the bath...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here we are again at Nana and Grumps

Aimee and Jessica are back with Nana & Grumps for a week during the school holidays - and we have a new puppy!
 Aimee says: I took this photo of Ergo sitting on the floor.   I love   you.
 I took this photo of Ergo in the box, lying in the box. And I love you you ROCK!.